How to install node js on windows 10

How to install node js on windows 10

In this blog we see how to install node js on windows 10. Node Js is the server-side javascript run time environment. So if we want to run any javascript code on the server then we have to install the Node Js. So now take an example, Suppose you want to create a project using React Js.

As we know that React js is a javascript library to create or build the user interface. So the question is can we directly run React js application on our machine, So the answer is No.

To run React Js application in your system you have to install the Node Js.

We can easily install the node js on windows 10. So to install Node js you have to follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Node Js website using the URL
  2. Choose your system it may be Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  3. In our case it is windows and as we have the 64-bit system so I choose Windows Installer (.msi) 64 bit.
  4. Your installer will start downloading. So after downloading complete right click on this and select show in folder.
  5. Now double click on this and follow the steps as per the below images.

So Congrats now if you reach here you have successfully install the Node js. Now this time to verify that we have installed the Node js so for that press the window button of your computer and search for cmd.

Now after opening this terminal you have to type the below command to check your Node js version.

npm -v

After typing the above command you will get your Node Js version.

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